How the Venus Factor Works | Know the Hormone Equilibrium

Now you must be thinking how The Venus Factor works and what makes it stand apart from any other program that you are currently using. These are the obvious questions that may occur on your mind while looking at this kind of a program.

So, In this article, you will get a brief description of how does The Venus Factor works.

Venus Factor Working

Have you heard about the hormone called Leptin in any other diet program before?

does Venus Factor really Works

It is the USP and also the biggest difference the Venus Factor and other diet and weight loss program. This will be your first encounter with Leptin hormone and its effects. Here, I will explain it in the most simple manner about the Leptin and you can also search in depth if you want, it will be beneficial for you.

Substantially Leptin is made by adipose cells that indicate the body about the requirement of fat and it helps in energy balancing by restricting hunger. When our body senses that there are enough fat cells stored in the body, It induces Leptin that holds back our hunger feelings. Scientists state that Leptin’s main function is to give an indication of starvation so that we can store fat that will be used in times of famine for our survival. The fat is stored where we just don’t want it to be stored, mainly the hips, thighs, and backside are the places for the fat storage. But It’s necessary for our survival as well as for the survival of the infant.

Leptin is created in both men and women but it is seen that female body has the absence of the ‘Leptin Resistance’. It means that the female body lacks in receiving the signal to block fat storing in the body. It’s not like only women have this problem, it also happens with the men but women are more predominant to it.

So If you think that you are taking a very well planned yet you are not getting any positive result then ‘Leptin Resistance’ can be the reason. If there are 2 women and one of them is producing enough Leptin but the other one is unable to produce sufficient Leptin then the woman with enough Leptin will be of normal size whereas the woman with low Leptin will be fat and obese. The irony is that we women usually generate adequate Leptin but our body does not utilize it very efficiently. The Venus Factor describes how to keep the hormones in equilibrium especially the Leptin hormone so that it can help in using your body’s natural potential in place of the body quarreling with you.

Basic Guidelines For The Venus Factor Diet

There are 5 fundamental guidelines that Venus Factor consist and what makes it better than other programs :
• It uses the biochemical processes in the body in such manner that the weight loss is assured.
• It controls our body hormones mainly Leptin by proper diet and exercise plans.
• It allows the body to do most of the work.
• It creates some enjoyable lifestyle changes that make easier to sustain the planned diet over a long period.
• It teaches you to listen to what the body needs and to make relevant changes in the program.

Some Extra Learning By The Program

• What kind of food increase the metabolism so that the body can burn fat all day long.
• What nutrients that should be used for rapid fat burning capacity and increasing energy levels.
• What food you should not eat to avoid Leptin Resistance that should be kept out of the diet.
• The herbal foods which can counter Leptin Resistance.

Hormone Equilibrium

This program helps in stabilizing the hormones which is a good advantage because they can affect our state of mind, sleep, functions of the brain and mainly the weight gain and loss processes.

If you restore your Leptin Resistance you also restore other hormones that restrict Leptin which is also an advantage towards burning the unwanted fat from the body which is what we all thoroughly desire.

So having the hormone well balanced is a great bonus another reason to take this program which is already a splendid weight loss program.


So there is enough reason to buy The Venus Factor program as it has a great working method which effectively helps in losing weight through fat burning and Leptin Resistance.

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