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The issue of body weight in the case of women is a whole issue. Most girls dream of having a body with the perfect measurements, a good number of them think that their weight is above the right, and there are few who flee to the balance. Your struggle to lose a few kilos of fat does not have to be eternal. Put an end reading and applying this article in your life, in which we will show you the diet to lose weight women.

Is the diet to lose weight the same for men and women?

Before starting any diet you have to keep in mind that nutritional needs vary from one individual to another. Even more noticeable is the difference in meal plans when dealing with different sexes. Men have a higher caloric expenditure and their fat loss is faster. In contrast, women are more likely to increase fat mass and find it harder to lose weight, but some women believe they can use diet to lose weight in a week.

It happens that the woman develops less muscle, related to the fact that produces much less testosterone than men. This characteristic of females is what slows down their fat loss. For it is the muscles that use the stored fat to generate energy, a process that many call “burning fat”.

If you are a woman, you may know that this information discourages you, but none of that! You just have to understand that you need a specific weight loss diet for women and accompany it with a good exercise program. With following with constancy this pair of habits in your life you will achieve amazing results.

How is the diet to lose weight, women?

If you are a woman and want to lose weight in a healthy way, without extremes or fatigue, the key is in protein and complex carbohydrates. For many, this is impossible to digest since for years they have demonized the carbohydrate by blaming it for all the other kilos that we have.

But the truth is that we get fat because of the excess calories ingested, often from low-nutrient meals. Carbohydrates are what give us the energy to perform all activities. Protein is key because it is the nutrient used to create and develop muscles and cause them to burn fat.

Below we show you how is the diet to lose weight fast women:

Every day you should eat protein. The best sources of protein are meat, fish, chicken, and any protein of animal origin . Also egg and dairy are rich in protein.

If after eating you are still hungry eat some fruit, a few nuts or drink water.

Eliminate simple carbohydrates, such as bread, cookies and sweets. Whole wheat bread is allowed.

Vegetables and vegetables are your allies. Green vegetables, for example, are low in calories and rich in micronutrients.
The indispensable companion in a diet to lose weight

To speed up the burning of fat and lead a healthy life it is necessary to accompany the diet to lose weight with physical exercise. Now, what kind of exercise are we going to perform to lose weight?

  • Cardiovascular exercise
    When we do cardio we use stored fat as the main source of energy. Do them at least 5 days a week for 40 minutes.
  • Strength exercises
    To train intensely with a routine of strength exercises we work the muscles, those in charge of spending energy. Perform them at least 3 days a week.
  • Diet model to lose weight fast and easy women
    To give you an idea of how to eat if you have a few kilos, we’ll leave you with a diet model to lose weight specifically for women:

It consists of six meals a day of small portions and with nutritious foods. In this way, you will not allow the body to go hungry, or give you those crazy cravings to eat. Because eating very hungry results in eating too much food, synonymous with excessive calories

1 slice of wholemeal bread
2 or 3 slices of turkey breast or cheese, can be mozarella or paisa.
Coffee without sugar. You can use stevia and skim milk.
1 fruit

Morning snack
Greek skim or 1 fruit.
2 slices of ham or turkey.
1 slice of whole grain bread

100-150 gr of protein of your choice: meat or fish.
2 cups of fresh salad
1 serving of complex carbohydrates. Example: ½ cup of brown rice or 1 medium potato.

1 cup of fruit salad with two tablespoons of oatmeal.
Snack before training
25 gr of serum isolate
½ banana

100-150 gr of protein of your choice: meat, fish or egg.
2 cups of salad

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