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John Daniel here, complementary medicine practitioner and massage therapist respectively!

We’ve seen a lot of men and women over the years who have wanted to lose weight.

And that’s been difficult for them – either because of emotional issues or physical issues. (We know food addiction is a big problem… it soothes people and stops them looking at their deeper emotional problems.)

But the physical side of fatness, the idea that fatness might be biologically caused, has only become clear recently. And what lies at the root of our understanding is the hormone leptin, a natural fat-burning hormone that is present in all of us.

What it amounts to is this: our diet, and our environment, cause our bodies to be less sensitive to the fat burning hormone leptin than they naturally should be. That means our bodies don’t burn off fat. It sticks around, like an unwelcome guest.

So when John discovered the Venus Factor, we were both very excited.

The Venus Factor isn’t just a “lose ten pounds in two weeks diet plan.” Far from it. It’s all about making your body more sensitive to your natural levels of leptin, so that your bodily chemistry starts working fully again, and you can lose weight quickly.

Imagine it – no ridiculous exercise regimes, no massive food restrictions. Just doing what makes your body do what it oughta!

Please read our review of the venus factor (it’s not really a review, it’s more a description of what’s in it) and make up your own mind. We aren’t here to offer a phony review of the product, just to tell you what’s in it, and use our experience to tell you what we think of it.

That way, you can decide if you want to take it further yourself!

However, I will say this. We know a lot about science and health. John knows a lot about weight loss. This is the diet that worked for her after ten years of up and down weight loss / gain struggle.

See the two pictures below.

Best wishes,

John Daniel