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The Venus Factor is of a 12-week weight loss program that has been created especially with women in mind. A program that actually assists in rebalancing the hormones in a woman’s body that are responsible for both appetite and overall weight gain. The creator of this spectacular system, John Barban, through extensive research, found that the biggest problem that women have when it comes to losing weight and staying fit was the level of Leptin in their bodies, which is highly instrumental in burning fat.

How does it Work?

Venus Factor Weight Loss Program

John discovered that as women age and also give birth, their bodies go through hormonal changes, one of which is an increased resistance to Leptin. He further discovered that women have a greater level of Leptin in their bodies compared to men. However, his continued studies revealed that when women diet the levels of Leptin in their bodies drop rapidly, which ultimately minimizes the amount of weight they can actually lose. Therefore, he set out to develop and create a weight loss system specifically for women that would maintain high levels of Leptin, increase metabolism, and effectively burn fat resulting in the creation of The Venus Factor system.

The Five Basic Components of The Program

1. The Fat-loss Diet Guide – A very informative fat-loss diet guide that provides all the insight needed on foods that should be avoided, especially those that restrict Leptin levels in the body as well as those foods that actually increase Leptin levels. The guide also informs users that it is ok to eat your favorite foods, as long as they are consumed in moderate portions and at appropriate times during the day. It further provides an insight to a wide variety of foods and the effects they can have on individual weight loss goals.

2. The 12-week Workout Program – This high energy exercise program can be performed either in the comfort of the home or in a gym. The targeted exercises actually serve to reshape a woman’s body in just three months or less, affording them that highly desirable hour glass shape. The exercises are consistent, very easy to follow and perform, and produce very satisfactory results.

3. The Virtual Nutritionist App – This innovative app is designed to assist users with calorie counting and protein levels in individual foods and overall diets. The app is also a tremendous aid in making dietary adjustments when creating the perfect portions of favorite meals.

4. The Venus Index Podcast – This remarkable podcast is proven to be a beneficial tool for all dieters. It allows users to interact with other women who share the same challenges they have as well as interact with women who have successfully utilized the program. More times than not this useful tool plays a significant role in the success levels of individual weight loss goals.

5. The Venus Community – The community is comprised of hundreds of other women who are available to chat online at any time of day. It allows users to voice concerns, ask questions, and even share in inspirational stories that can be helpful in keeping women on track with their own personal goals. As we all know, dieting in itself is a very difficult undertaking, but when a community exists with its primary purpose being to act as a support mechanism for other participants, then indeed users can understand and appreciate the value of this remarkably community.


The Venus Factor Pros

The Venus Factor diet is focused on the entire woman’s body inside and out, not just on dieting or weight loss desires, and is primarily focused on developing a means of upgrading current eating and exercising habits which result in a happier and healthier woman.
It is reassuring to potential users that the program was researched and created by a highly recognized member of the health and fitness community whose focus was on understanding the female body, and whose ultimate goal was to develop a program that would be beneficial to women of all sizes and ages in attaining their fitness and weight loss goals.
The overall nutrition sector of the program allows individual users to continue to consume their favorite foods by affording cheat days which, in the long run, ironically contribute to the success of the long-term program.
The entire program and all of its components are virtual and easily accessible online from any location with an internet connection.

The Venus Factor Cons

It is important to mention that the program is not tailored to women who are seeking to lose just a mere few pounds quickly, but rather is a long-term program developed to create a long lasting fit and healthier body.

With so many diet and exercise programs available on the market today, it can sometimes be challenging and indeed very difficult to find and choose the program that is best suited to your own personal needs. However, the Venus Factor diet is by far one of the most perfected weight loss systems designed and developed for just women alone.

With a focus on maintaining overall health while working toward weight loss goals, it is clear that John has diligently performed abundant research in his efforts to develop this truly innovative diet system, and indeed all his efforts have benefited many a woman across the globe today. Take a few moments to view the Venus Factor online video presentation for the devoted woman who is looking to create that ‘brand new me’.


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The Venus Factor PDF Review:


All of us women have the fear that we are fat. Most of us are not happy with our bodies, and the Venus Factor aims to change that. Most of the weight loss programs that I tried over the years were basically pointless; I paid lots of money for tips and dieting advice that I could have acquired from anywhere else. The one problem I had was that most of the programs that I came across could be used by men and women both. That just cannot be, because the female body works in a very different manner. Female bodies store fat in th belly, thighs, buttocks and the hips so that the pregnancy can go as good as possible in case food isn’t possible to come by. As a result, whatever I tried didn’t work, until I managed to read some Venus Factor PDF real reviews, which really changed my perspective.

The Venus Factor places leptin as the centre point of the system. All others that I came across usually targeted carbohydrates, fats, protein, etc. As soon as I got to reading this, I realized that there was something different about it. Rather than cut down on carbs, fats or proteins (a common point found in most of the other diets), the Venus Factor aims to regulate leptin, which is crucial for the control of your weight and appetite. There’s a lot of detail included within the Venus Factor as well, which certainly acts as a bonus.

I got a number of bonus work out and exercising videos with the purchase, which are designed to not only help you shed some weight, but also get a body that is sexier and much tighter. Another excellent feature of Venus Factor is the dedicated online community that the company maintains. You have any sort of question or query, just go online and table your question, and within a short amount of time, answers will begin to pour in. More importantly, this online community is not just useful for resolving any queries that might arise in your mind. There is a vast array of different threads here, and I found that whenever I was lacking motivation, I would often make a post there, and the community as a whole would help in raising my motivation by sharing their stories and experiences. At first, when I purchased the Venus Factor, I was hoping to receive a program that was all flashy and had been followed by celebrities and whatnot. Come to think of it, I was totally blinded.

There is a major difference between the Venus Factor and other diet programs. This one doesn’t force you to stop eating. I found that I wasn’t continuously counting out the calories throughout the day. Instead my whole focus towards eating had shifted drastically. I was more focused upon maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and this ultimately led to significant loss of weight. The Venus Factor is really a revolutionary approach to weight loss, one that works extremely well and is definitely a highly recommended product.

I later realized that some of the best things in life come packaged in very simplistic ways, and the Venus Factor is no different. The Venus Factor is priced at $47, and when you compare this figure to the exorbitant fees that is being charged by other programs, the Venus Factor certainly goes in to the cost effective bracket. I’ve been using the teachings of the Venus Factor for over a month now, and have already shed around 7 pounds. For me, this is a godsend!


the venus factor diet plan: does it work?

Before I begin my review, let me just begin by answering the first and foremost question that’s included in the title: yes it does work! I’ve been using the Venus Factor Diet Plan for well over a month now, and having followed the diet advice as well as the workouts and exercise videos that are included within the package, I’ve already managed to shed around seven pounds. The moment you visit their website, you will be treated to a video presentation that states that the video is only for females who wish to lose at least ten pounds. I was one of them, and having priced their package at a very competitive $47, I was inclined to try. I’m so thankful that I actually did. Let’s dig in to the review:

What is the Venus Factor?

The Venus Factor is basically a diet plan that comes with bonus work out videos and exercising plans. Compared to other diet plans, that are mainly focused on cutting down carbs or fats in your body, the Venus Factor Diet plan is completely different. This one focuses more on Leptin, a hormone that s important for the regulation of your appetite and weight. By regulating Leptin, the program aims to helps you lose weight in a very simplistic manner. The bonus work outs that are provided are designed to help you not only lose weight, but also achieve a sexier and tighter body.

Perhaps one of the major differences between the Venus Factor and other programs is the fact that whereas most others will allow you to lose weight if you follow them in a stringent fashion, very few will actually tell you how to maintain your new weight. With the Venus Factor however, it takes a very unique approach towards dieting.

What do you get?

The Main Manual- allows you to calculate your Venus index ratio.

Venus Factor 12 week fat loss system- This is the main guide. Calculate your Venus Index Ratio, and then follow the guide accordingly to achieve your desired weight.

Workout manual- This one includes a number of different workouts that are designed to give you a leaner, tighter body and also help you in losing weight.

Advantages of Venus Factor

One of the major advantages of the Venus Factor is the liberation that it provides. You do not have to follow a stringent set of rules; eating only a set of items and whatnot. It also doesn’t restrict you to counting calories all day long whenever you sit down to eat, which is another great benefit. Another thing is that the program can work for virtually any woman, regardless of her level of fitness.

There are a bunch of positives that you get for buying this program, and I’d happily recommend it to anybody who wants to lose weight quickly.


The Venus Factor: Is it a scam?

A lot of purchases made on the internet have to be done in a very careful manner. We are pretty confused when buying new things, and are left wondering whether it might be a scam or not? I was very much caught in two minds when I was looking at the Venus Factor weight loss program. On one hand, there was the desire to lose weight and to become healthy, while on the other side, I was confused whether this was actually worth it or not. The Venus Factor costs around $47, a nominal fee for a dedicated weight loss program. However, it is still hard earned money, and I was confused whether to buy it or not. I read a number of reviews and articles that people had written for the program, before I finally decided to go ahead with the purchase. The Venus Factor: is it a scam? Absolutely not!Having used the Venus Factor weight loss system for around a month or so, I’ve already shed five pounds. For somebody who doesn’t go to the gym or exercise adequately, the Venus Factor is a gift from the heavens above. Rather than telling me to drastically cut down my food intake, count calories on a daily basis and whatnot, the Venus Factor actually aims to explain the workings of weight loss and appetite. It talks of leptin, the main hormone that regulates your hunger and weight, and tells of the nutrients that can help you in controlling both. The minute I got around to reading the manual and the weight loss system that came with the program, I began to realize that this is the real deal.

The Venus Factor tells you of all the different nutrients that you need to intake as well as the effects that they might have on your body. First and foremost, the main manual must be used to calculate your Venus Index Ratio, after which you must use the Fat loss system in order to check how you must amend your diet. The company also provides a number of videos that are designed to provide work outs that not only help you lose weight, but also help you get a leaner, tighter and sexier body.

Oh, and did I mention that the Venus Factor is designed exclusively for women? The company claims that it is only designed for women who wish to lose more than 10 pounds, but that’s just a marketing gimmick I guess. It explains all of the workings of the female body, and is definitely quite informative. All the home workouts require no expensive gymming equipment, and is illustrated in extensive detail. I can’t really tell you how happy I am with this purchase!


A Little About The Venus Factor

The Venus factor is a weight loss program developed by John
Barban, a fitness specialist who is viewed as one of the leading lights in the health industry. The University of Florida
graduate developed this program specifically for women fighting to lose weight and
keep it that way. The Venus diet is set up as a healthy solution to unhealthy
eating habits.

What is this program all about?

The Venus diet is a lot more than just a smattering of recipes.
It is a detailed analysis of the factors that affect weight, offering a way out
of situations in which most women trying to lose weight find themselves.

The premise behind the Venus factor

The hormone leptin has been around for ages but was only
discovered in 1994.The compound is said to have profound effects on the way the
human body manages fat and manipulates feeding habits. By keeping tabs on
leptin, women are able to control how much they eat and how much fat gets
stored in their systems. Leptin is very well-connected to the brain, telling it
when to eat more and when to quit the party.

What are the components of the Venus factor?
Online videos

Once you buy the program, you qualify for an educative feed
on how to manage your weight.

  • Nutritional guide

A PDF document explains precisely what you need to take and
what you have to avoid.

  • Software

This piece calculates the calorie composition of every meal
you take, and Venus factor reviews across the internet have confirmed the
system as very accurate and highly dependable.

  • Workout items

The Venus factor diet gives you access to workout routines that
boost your state of health.

  • Social engagement

The Venus immersion concept offers guidance and feedback
whenever the need arises.

The Venus factor has come under criticism because of its
selectivity and strictness. However, customer reviews have put it across as effective,
exhaustive and completely legitimate.

It’s time to feel the completeness of Venus factor Diet program

This is a review of the Venus Factor Diet system. All the contents of this review are facts based upon the life story of a mother two children, Ruth. She ordered the program and followed the entire diet regime for 12 weeks as per the directives of the program. She narrates her side of the story about the truth of the Venus Factor Program.

Ruth faced a lot of difficulties during the birth of her second child. She put up around 10-15 pounds of weight during that time. She tried everything that she knew starting from rigorous exercises to heavy diet routines. Nothing seemed to work for her.

She knew about the Venus Factor Diet System. In the beginning, she was pretty much on the negative side to try out this. She went through various building castles in the air types of reviews on the internet about the program. Finally, she made up her mind to try out the program. She got numerous benefits from the 12 weeks of the program. She was able to lose weight. She witnesses amazing results of the program. She wants to share her experience of the program with the people.

Here are some of the astounding features of the Venus Factor program that Ruth admires the most.

  1. It is supple

Most of the diet regimes ignore the common foods that Ruth loves about. You just follow dead routine being ended up at the juncture of carbohydrate and sugar deprivation. But when you follow Venus Factor Diet system, you follow the path of losing weight by enjoying the regular foods that you take. The program is both practical and flexible. For Ruth, the diet program is pretty sustainable.

  1. Ubiquitous community support

Ruth loved the community that follows the guidelines of the program. She had the support that she always needed to live up to the program until she gets the desired benefits. You hardly get this kind of support from any other program.

  1. The entirety of the program

This is not a mere program like any other found on the internet. It has diet system, exercise regimes, various other tools to help you follow the program seamlessly. The completeness of the program is quite helpful for one, quotes Ruth.

  1. A program that helps you to learn to lead a different life with your own rules

It is never like a program that teaches you to get rid of the rules and guidelines after you achieve the temporary goal of your life. You can still follow the rules mentioned in the regime. You can continue the programs even after the completion of the 12 weeks of the program. They give you all the tools and lifetime community support to help yourself with the help of others.

It is pretty clear from the excerpts of Ruth narration is that there is much more in the program than it seems. The manual of the program is of 200 pages. It may be a little difficult for the beginners to follow, but it will be easier as you get along with it.

Ruth is an inspiration for many people who wish to follow the Venus factor Diet program. It is quite right time for you to go through the materials of the program thoroughly and to expect the amazing results.